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Providing Small-to-Medium Sized Business Owners a New Way to Sell Their Business

Helping Owners Sell Their Business the Modern Way

We are developing an integrated, highly secure, data-rich, end-to-end business transaction selling platform, that will save Sellers tens of thousands of dollars in brokerage commissions. Our platform will serve the Small-to-Medium Sized Business Market utilizing state-of-the-art matching and transactional workflow technologies to guide Sellers and Buyers through the process. Benefits include increased deal flow, transactional velocity, data transparency, and higher closing success rates.

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Inspired by the intersection of three ineluctable forces:

  1. The passion to serve Small Business Owners;

  2. The ardent belief in the principles of Continuous Improvement (CI) and;

  3. A vision that a new, modern way to sell businesses is now possible. 


Exitus Global was born.


As someone with experience working inside small businesses and the privilege to represent Business Owners in the sale of their companies, I’ve had a front-row seat to the business sale transaction process.  It is costly, slow, and entirely inefficient.  We can do better - much better!

Digital Transformation allows us to infuse great efficiencies and improvements into the traditional brokering model.  Our belief is that sellers should have much more control in their exit process while retaining more of their hard-earned equity.  The Exitus platform is built around this concept, providing guidance and support for both Sellers and Buyers as they navigate the transaction process.  We believe Sellers will experience greater deal speed and a higher closing success rate as a result of our business process improvements and technology enhancements, while lowering brokerage fees by up to 80%, resulting in savings of tens of thousands of dollars.

A perfect storm of opportunity exists to serve Baby Boomers who will transfer ownership of their businesses to the next generation of entrepreneurs.  The so-called SilverTsunami is here. Trillions of dollars will be exchanging hands from existing business owners to new business owners.  Exitus Global will be an instrumental player in this transformation.  We create a win/win solution serving Sellers and Buyers while building long-term value for marketplace service providers.  All players in our Multi-sided Marketplace will reap the benefits of technology and smart design.


We are excited about this unique moment of opportunity as we drive results with state-of-the-art product development, strategic alliances with affiliate service providers, and helping so many small business owners, both Sellers and Buyers, transition to the next phase of their life journeys.


We welcome you to the Exitus adventure!

David DiPerri - Founder, CEO

Meet The Team


David DiPerri, CPA

Founder, CEO

A visionary that combines a diverse set of skills and experiences; passionately committed to delivering value to the small Business Owner.

Erich Greenebaum

Erich Greenebaum

Founder, CTO

Brings over 30 years of experience inventing the future. Throughout his career, Erich has focused on combining emerging technologies to create a sum greater than its parts to disrupt entrenched industries.

Brahm Rhodes

Brahm Rhodes, PhD.

Data Science, Advisor

Dr. Rhodes brings 25 years as an entrepreneur, investor, inventor, engineer, data scientist, and AI/ML researcher. He teaches data science to enterprise clients and advises startups on machine learning and data pipeline strategies.

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