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Business Owners - Imagine a Time

Sell your business on your own terms
Imagine a time when you have more control over your business exit

Imagine a time when Business Owners have significantly greater control of their business exit. Imagine a solution that integrates a Business Owner’s key “Exit Team” players with a useful mix of support services to expedite the sale. Imagine retaining more of your hard-earned equity at the time of the sale.

Our Exit Advisory approach delivers that future, putting control of the business sale back in the hands of the Business Owner, where it should be. You should control your own destiny right through your exit. We help you navigate this journey.

Imagine further that instead of paying 10%-12% of the sale price in broker commissions, a Business Owner will only pay a 2% success fee. By way of example, a Business Owner will save $80,000 of broker commissions on a $1 Million business sale price. These savings may seem too good to be true, but in fact, these savings are now possible.

Imagine no more and the time is now!


Our 5-Step Process helps guide you through the key milestones of the business sale transaction process.

Our approach has subtle differences from the traditional business brokering model. The primary difference is that instead of working with a business broker to sell your business, the Business Owner works with an Exit Advisor. The Exit Advisor builds a small, yet effective Exit Team to help the Business Owner navigate the transaction including the Owner's business attorney, CPA/tax advisor, Exit Advisor, and other possible confidants. The Exit Advisor coordinates discussions with the Business Owner and their advisors to help the Owner navigate the process.

The Exit Advisor guides you through the entire sale transaction process, with one primary distinction: you, the Business Owner, will work directly with prospective buyers. Our belief is that after running a successful business for 10, 20, 30, or more years, you are best qualified to represent your interests by speaking with prospective buyers about your business.

Thinking about selling your business? Contact us for a free, no-obligation discussion. We’re here to help you as you navigate through your exit while enjoying huge savings on broker commissions. Retain your equity and contact us today!

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