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Save Your Hard-Earned Equity
Let Us Show You How.

We stand for the American Business Owner.  We are grateful for what you do and why you do it.  In your tireless efforts, rest a multitude of accomplishments.  Your toil and hard work deliver impact on so many levels.


In your quest to successfully run a small to medium-sized business (SMB), you’ve provided for your family and for the families of others. You’ve served countless customers.  You paid wages and your fair share of taxes.  You bought services and products, and over many years, you’ve grown and prospered.  You fought through the highs and lows.


As an American Entrepreneur, you paid the price.  You persevered.   And now it is your turn to embrace the next chapter of your life and reap the benefits of your entrepreneurial trials.


The sale of your business is a special time.  It’s also a stressful time.  There are many factors to consider when selling your business.  These factors include at a minimum:


  • What are your selling price and terms?

  • Will you have a seller note?

  • Will you need a valuation?

  • What documents will you need to arrange?

  • How long will it take you to sell?

  • What is the cost for you?

  • How do you approach confidentiality?

  • How long you will be needed for support after the sale?

  • What are your tax implications?

  • Who can help you with all of this?

  • Who will have your best concerns at the forefront?


Let’s start with the last question first.  Who will have your best concerns at the forefront?  We believe that is YOU and the trusted advisors who have worked with you for years.  This may include your CPA and/or tax accountant, your business attorney, your business advisor and other trusted confidant, perhaps your insurance agent, or commercial banker.


Our Beliefs:

  • YOU should control your own destiny as you head down the exit path.  

  • YOU, surrounded by trusted advisors and an Exit Advisor, will achieve your goal of selling, on your terms.

  • YOU should retain the vast majority of your hard-earned equity at the time of the sale. 

Meet The Team


David DiPerri, CPA

Founder, CEO

A visionary that combines a diverse set of skills and experiences; passionately committed to delivering value to the small Business Owner.

Erich Greenebaum

Erich Greenebaum

Founder, CTO

Brings over 30 years of experience inventing the future. Throughout his career, Erich has focused on combining emerging technologies to create a sum greater than its parts to disrupt entrenched industries.

Brahm Rhodes

Brahm Rhodes, PhD.

Data Scientist

Dr. Rhodes brings 25 years as an entrepreneur, investor, inventor, engineer, data scientist, and AI/ML researcher. He teaches data science to enterprise clients and advises startups on machine learning and data pipeline strategies.

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